Marina Planas

Marketplace Market Makers

Marketplace Market Makers 2023 Honoree

Marina Planas is the CEO and Co-founder of “The NTWK” – a platform for a community of digital business model enthusiasts, where venture capitalists, consultants, companies, academics, and entrepreneurs connect and exchange knowledge to better understand what it takes to build and run innovative digital business (platforms, marketplaces, NFTs, Metaverse, DAOs, etc. It is a one-stop place for everything related to digital innovation, where professionals acquire, exchange, and generate knowledge around digital business model innovation through a community experience.

Before founding TheNTWK, she was a partner and advisor at Meetoptics – a firm specialing in optics & photonics search of photonics components and technologies. Before Meetoptics, Mairna was a Senior Business Advisor & Partner at Wallbox Chargers. This firm specializes in creating smart charging and energy solutions to advance electric vehicle adoption and sustainable energy use.

Marina has multiple advanced management programs from MIT Sloan School of Management and an MBA from Esade. She loves helping traditional businesses excel with digital business models. Her mantra is fun and profit, with innovation always in mind.

Marketplace 50 recognizes Marina Planas as one of the eminent market makers and experts leading innovative digital businesses through platforms and marketplaces. This highly competitive annual distinction accounts for dozens of factors and seeks to recognize those making a meaningful impact on this space.

Marina Planas

CEO & Co-Founder of The NTWK

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