Awards Description

Award Categories

Recipients are recognized across five categories of excellence:

The Marketplace 50 Hall of Fame

These are the individuals whose contributions to the multi-vendor commerce space have set the tone for the entire industry. A winner of this category is inducted for life and therefore can only be awarded one time.

Marketplace Market Makers

These are the individuals who lead the market-setting organizations in terms of investments, valuations, and what comes next. A winner of this category may repeat, as is warranted.

Marketplace Thought Leaders

This category is for the media and analysts who cover the marketplace and multi-vendor commerce space via studies, surveys, articles, and other incredible thought-leadership that serves to raise the awareness and effectiveness of the overall space. A winner of this category may repeat, as warranted.

Marketplace Enablers

These individuals create and/or implement the software that powers the platform revolution by enabling multi-vendor commerce to transact at scale. Be it platforms, point solutions, or implementing the stack, these innovative leaders push the pace of what’s possible with a marketplace.

Marketplace Operator Excellence

These individuals are leading the way in providing an innovative marketplace shopping experience that benefits both the customers and the sellers. A winner of this category may repeat, as warranted.